Cappellini furniture: the new stools and chairs Superheroes, design by Glimpt


Cappellini presents Superheroes, design by Glimpt, family sessions where the stool is capable of being used as a table. Of yarns as a tissue wrap a tube coupled to a metal frame; this process stems from a technical Vietnamese that to achieve small bowls rolled wire paper fibers seaweed.



Cappellini furniture

Together these sessions form a group of elements that have a good life either together or alone. The idea of Superheroes was born from a trip to Vietnam during which Glimpt visited several workshops to study their techniques, research on materials and inspired colors.

Shortly after they came into contact with the skilled weavers of algae and plastic fiber in Ho Chi Minh City in the south of the country. Glimpt I wanted to introduce other influences in their work, making contact with the Swedish illustrator Malin Koort who helped develop colorful themes.

Glimpt likes to look at the history and aesthetics of the countries they visit, with an open mind and inspired by the people, the country and the culture itself.