The Re-Flex kitchen | Reflects the way you are


Available in a range of colors and quite sophisticated, this unique kitchen is characterized by the glass re-flex and this is why they call it the Re-Flex Kitchen. It is a fitted kitchen with bright mirrored surfaces combined with panels in wood for all the doors and bases and is a material that meets the most sophisticated aesthetic and functional needs. In this model of contemporary style, perfectly matches the opening system Shell System which is a gripping device for opening and closing the compartments hidden in the throat, found both in horizontal and vertical forms.


The Re-Flex kitchen

With The Re-Flex kitchen find the expressive power of the glass, available in more color options. Here the glass doors in gloss white with its beautiful counter and cabinets make this kitchen perfect for every taste and need. It is said that another reason why they call it this way is because it reflects the way you are.


The Re-Flex kitchen